There are Trump supporters out there ... if you know where to look

EVERYONE has got something to say about what goes down between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump each time they face off.

New York is, overwhelmingly, Clinton’s town. But that doesn’t mean the city is without its fair share of Trump supporters — if you know where to look.

Wednesday night in Midtown Manhattan, hundreds of local young Republicans came together to host a series of ‘last debate watch parties’ and cheer on their chosen candidate.

The anticipation ahead of the third and final debate could be felt on the street — the city that never sleeps was crawling with supporters, all decked out in their Trump and Clinton merch. went on a bit of a pub crawl with the excited crowd to hear their thoughts.

Here’s what we overheard during the third presidential debate.

• “You all know that Hillary is going to be the first woman president of the United States? Just so we’re all clear.”

• “I hate coming to these kinds of things without having had any booze.”

• “Try the gourmet burgers, I hear the Trump Tower is terrible.”

• “We’re all wondering if he’s going to take the low or the high road this time.”

• “Do they shake hands? That is the question ... ahh, nope.”

• “Very low energy so far from him.”

• “The biggest lie about this election is that he’s inexperienced, because he’s not.”

• “He kind of sounds like King Julian from Madagascar, you know?”

• “She can’t even control her husband, how can she control the country?”

• “She’s a pathological liar, I know this for sure.”

• “I mean, I’ve registered to vote, but I’m still on the fence. I’ve still got three weeks.”

• “This is a f**king reality television show tonight.”

• “He’s got small hands!!”

• “I don’t know whether his off-the-planet answers are worse, or if her super drawn out, poignant responses are.”

• “This is a case of insanity, you understand that right? He is insane. It’s terrifying.”

• “I get why they like him, because he speaks to their emotions.”

• “It pisses me off that they have the constitution written in the background. They don’t appreciate those words!”

• “Goes to show that if you tell yourself something enough times, with enough conviction, you’ll eventually believe it yourself.”

• “Stop talking about your emails, Hillary! Talk about Trump’s bullshit.”

• “Oh man, I’d rather watch the f**king baseball right now.”

• “I’d love to meet him in person, the fun we would have!”

• “What you want to drink?” “Whatever’s cheap. I’m not spending money on this joke tonight.”

• “One thing that’s interesting about Hillary’s approach is her use of actual sentences.”

• “The best thing to come out of this is that we’re no longer the shittiest country in the world after Brexit, the heat is basically off us already,” - one Brit at the bar.

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