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Live coverage of the third presidential debate

WELCOME to our live coverage of the third and final presidential debate.

Scandal, sex and crop tops: Sordid life of Playboy prince

A TERRIBLE, violent temper, three ex-wives, a strange penchant for poodles and an eclectic dress sense involving crop tops.

There are Trump supporters out there ... if you know where to look

EVERYONE has got something to say about what goes down between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump each time they face off.

The free trips our former PMs are enjoying

AUSTRALIAN diplomats from Japan to Ukraine have been mobilised to help Tony Abbott travel the world after losing the prime ministership.

Key moments from the final debate

THE US presidential debates are over with Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton facing off against each other for the third and final time.

Three months ago Nigel Farage's party was all smiles — now it's all turned to tears

AS the UK tumbles towards what is increasingly looking like a messy exit from the European Union, the political party that did the most to make Brexit a reality should be riding high.

Oliver Curtis appeals insider trading conviction

ROXY Jacenko gave the courtroom a wide berth during her husband Oliver Curtis’ criminal appeal today.

Jacquelyne Froeber moved interstate for her dream job, then she got some bad news

JACQUELYNE Froeber moved across the United States last year for a “dream opportunity” — senior editor for two American Airlines in-flight magazines, shifting from Iowa to Texas.

Meet the former dunces who are winning at life.

AS YOUNG Australians across the nation pull their hair out over Year 12 exams, it’s a time of high anxiety for the up-and-coming generation.

Union tirade: ‘I know where you live’

PRIME Minister Malcolm Turnbull has released a shocking, expletive-laden video of a union official’s threatening behaviour on a Queensland construction site.

Voter backlash fear

A DONALD Trump defeat could spark a potential backlash from voters who remain angry their voices have not been heard.

Trump continues with his ‘rigged’ election claims

WITH two days to go until the third and final debate, Donald Trump isn’t backing down from preaching his message that the US presidential election is “rigged”.

Is the US election really rigged?

IS the whole world out to get Donald Trump?

Swinging the Tony Abbott sledgehammer

THE end-of-year distractions buzzing around Malcolm Turnbull include the trademark sledgehammer progress of Tony Abbott through public debate.

Why China is backing Trump over Clinton

WHEN Hillary Clinton officially announced her decision to run for president last year, Chinese social media blew up with thousands of comments. Most of them were not kind.

‘He may grope you under the table’

DEMOCRATS prepared fake Donald Trump job ads which claimed female staff should expect a “kiss on the lips” or a “grope under the meeting table” whether they “like it or not”, leaked emails reveal.

Clinton expands her lead again

HILLARY Clinton expanded her lead over Donald Trump in the wake sexual misconduct controversies against the Republican nominee, according to a trio of new polls out yesterday.

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