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Inside Donald Trump’s wild parties

TWO of Donald Trump’s old friends have reportedly made shocking claims about what really went on at the celebrity billionaire’s parties in the 1990s.

Trump’s convinced he can still win the election

WITH the US election just 15 days away, a desperate Donald Trump has launched a campaign blitz in Florida — a state he must win if he has any chance of becoming president.

The disturbing pattern we should all be worried about

THE latest opinion polls aren’t rosy for Malcolm Turnbull, but dire as they might be, they still don’t reveal the full extent of his predicament. His government is in chaos.

Where are Trump’s donations really coming from?

A SERIES of fundraising scandals have rocked Donald Trump’s campaign with just two weeks to go until the federal election.

Branson: ‘Trump’s vindictive, dangerous’

RICHARD Branson has recounted a “bizarre” lunch meeting with Donald Trump where the now US presidential candidate told him he had begged for money to get him out of bankruptcy — and would now spend “the rest of his life” trying to destroy the five people who refused to help him.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau cops a handful of pumpkin seeds

A GREEN activist shouting “keep your promises” has thrown a handful of pumpkin seeds with hand drawn hearts at Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Workers who should be on LinkedIn

IF you’re not about to go breaking any glass ceilings, be on the fast-track or work in an office, what’s the point of being on LinkedIn?

Would Michelle ever run for President?

MICHELLE Obama may be the only US political figure to appear more likeable now than when she emerged on the scene.

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton can’t relax just yet

THE presidential debates are over and Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are now locked in a desperate race to win votes in the lead up to November 8.

There are four threats facing the US-Australian alliance

THE alliance between Australia and the US remains as strong as ever but there are major risks and threats facing this powerful relationship that both sides are ignoring.

Would you want Salim Mehajer fighting to keep you out of prison?

FROM announcing he is leaving Australia, to hinting at a new career or even his warm welcome to Lebanon — Salim Mehajer loves a cryptic Instagram post.

Is this the most honest job ad ever?

HERE is internet, no phone coverage, no breaks and definitely no whingeing! Duane Trafford has posted a blunt assessment of what he needs from his new hire.

Trump: I will accept result ‘if I win’

DONALD Trump says he will “promise and pledge” to accept the results of the US election - if he wins.

The letter Donald Trump needs to read

DONALD Trump dug his campaign into a deep hole during the final presidential debate.

The real star of the debate

FORGET the fiery clashes between the presidential hopefuls, another individual stole the show in Las Vegas tonight.

Michelle Obama eviscerates Trump

MICHELLE Obama just savaged Donald Trump with a speech so powerful it left many wondering why she isn’t running for president.

Trump accuser claims he said ‘don’t you know who I am?’

DONALD Trump is facing yet another accusation of sexual assault with a 10th woman coming forward to share claims of the presidential hopeful groping and making inappropriate sexual remarks towards her.

Hillary’s shade game on point

DONALD Trump refused to say whether he would accept the result of the election, maintaining his insistence voting could be rigged.

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