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Your Marriage May Be In Trouble If You Resort To This When Arguing

This is one of four telltale signs a couple is headed for divorce.

Divorced Woman Buys Condo So Why Is She So Sad?

I received this email from a divorced woman: I’ve been divorced almost 2 years. I actually closed on the sale of our house and got divorced all in ...

Women Face A Pay Gap In Every Single State. Here’s Where It’s Worst.

Equal Pay Day is a reminder of the $840 billion women won't earn this year.

To The Woman Who Has My Heart: I Hope You Never Stop Loving Me

"How can you truly love someone else if you do not love yourself?"

What '13 Reasons Why' Gets Right And Wrong About Rape

The Netflix show avoids making rape titillating, but still raises questions.

Why I Stopped Feeling Pressured To Have Kids Now

Being childless isn’t selfish or automatically an inferior life choice.

Meet The Christian OB-GYN Making A Moral Argument For Abortion

"I don't think we've ever been this close to abortion becoming illegal."

Myths, Lies And Other Fallacies About Widows

Do we really need to convince you that we won't go after your husband?

I’m a Sex Worker Who Is Sick Of Female Misogyny

If you sh*t on women for making a choice that you didn’t, you're not a feminist.

Women Will Take Down Men Like Trump, O’Reilly And Ailes

Women of color will make up 53 percent of the population by 2050.

Why I No Longer Dream of Having It All

We can’t have it all, not really. No one can.

For Women That Are Told To Pray On Him

I ain’t no f*cking anchor. My body does not turn into lead. It will not hold you down. It cannot be both burden and backstroke. It cannot write yo...

Here's How Frequently Women Supreme Court Justices Are Interrupted By Men

Worse, this behavior even carries through to advocates who appear before the Supreme Court.

Sexual Assault Awareness Month: Avoid 'Daring' Behavior

Unlike the more innocent version of Truth or Dare you might remember from elementary school, the stakes are higher when choosing between these two altern...

Trump’s Budget Could Decimate A Lifeline For Abused Women

An advocate who's answered more than 50,000 calls to the National Domestic Violence Hotline explains what’s at stake.

10 Reasons I Fear I'll Never Feel Ready To Have Kids

I like doing what I want to do, whenever I want to do it.

Thanks, But No Spanx...

***PREFACE: If you’re a skinny woman who wears Spanx, you will not understand the majority of this article. Also, if you’re a skinny woman, why on God’s ...

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