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13 Real Brides Share Their Best-Ever Wedding Advice

No matter how much planning goes into your wedding, some things you can only learn after you say “I do.” So we asked real brides (who shall remain anonym...

10 Best Places To Shop For Affordable Wedding Dresses

For Allure, by Kristen Bateman. Getting ready for your big day is stressful enough, so why spend your entire paycheck on a dress you’ll probably...

28 Reasons It Pays To Have A Feminist Marriage

Don't settle for someone who thinks feminism is a dirty word.

Bride Showed Up For Wedding Dressed As T. Rex, And The Groom Loved It

The couple were married in North Carolina, not Jurassic Park.

5 Things I Learned About My Husband Since His Death 3 Weeks Ago

Even after decades together, there was still more to discover.

Weddings, Jersey Style: A psychic perfectly predicted this couple's marriage

It took Myspace, Facebook and a psychic reading for this couple to get together

The Resurgence of Black Love in 2016

Get Ready to Swoon Over These Seven Black Couples We all can agree one of the best things in 2016 was the left-to-right and right-to-left shoulder ...

Some Couples Invest in Their Future in Ways Other Than a Diamond Ring

What does an engagement ring look like? For many people, my wife included, the answer is a diamond ring. While that's a concept that didn't

I'm An Introvert Bride Who Eloped, And I'm So Glad I Did

Elopement meant forgoing the opportunity to publicly declare ourselves in front of friends and family, but for me and my husband, it allowed for a dream ...

Date Night After Kids

As parents of young children, getting out for "date nights" can be a huge struggle. And while I personally don't obsess over date nights with my husband ...

Why I Waited To Marry My High School Sweetheart -- And Have No Regrets

David and I were building a life for ourselves at our own pace. That pace didn’t have to suit anyone but us.

6 Things Every 20-Something Bride Needs To Know

Putting these things in perspective before you start planning will make the process a whole lot easier.

11 Decadent Desserts Your Wedding Guests Will Drool Over

Let’s get down to the real decision-making: what are you giving guests for a wedding favor? Will you give selflessly to others on behalf of your g...

7 Resolutions Every Married Couple Should Make Together

For BRIDES, by Elizabeth Mitchell. New year, new marriage. Well, sort of. Whether you just got hitched in 2016 or are coming up on your 10-year ...

My Husband Is A Bad Kisser, But I Married Him Anyway

It’s true: My husband has been a bad kisser since we met, but I married him anyway. I could waste your time by talking about how he’s honest, kind,...

Why I've Been Engaged For Almost 5 Years

Often, when I meet someone for the first time, or I’m getting to know a new friend, the moment comes when they notice the ring on my finger and congratul...

I Got Married And Took My Wife's Last Name. Here's Why.

Changing my name is a significant way to show I believe her to be my equal.

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