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by Sean Hollister December 22, 2016 11:35 AM PST @starfire2258

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After three long months, you can now download the monster-stalking smash hit game Pokemon Go for your Apple Watch -- and stop staring at your phone like a hawk whenever you're out walking the road.

Mind you, it's not a full version of the Pokemon Go game. To actually catch Pokemon, you'll still need your phone. The Apple Watch version is more of a companion app that tracks your steps (they'll even count towards your Apple Watch fitness goals), helps you stock up on Pokemon-catching items, and sends notifications to your wrist when there's a Pokemon nearby.

It's a shame the game still makes you pull out the phone -- to avoid that, you may still need to find the (somewhat buggy) $35 Pokemon Go Plus wearable.

Here's the full list of features, according to an official blog post from the game's creators:

Log each play session as a workout, with gameplay counting toward personal Activity ringsReceive notifications about nearby PokémonCount distance toward hatching Pokémon Eggs and receiving Candy with your Buddy PokémonReceive notifications about PokéStops nearby and collect items from themReceive notifications when Eggs hatch and medals are awarded

We'll need to spend some, ahem, quality time testing out the new Apple Watch app for ourselves...but in the meantime, here's what it looked like in September.

Pokemon Go coming to the Apple Watch

Players will soon be able to catch Pokemon, hatch eggs, track steps and more with their Apple Watch.




Happy hunting, folks!


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