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Highlanders: The architects redefining Scotland's far north

Architecture in the Highlands is unshackling itself from the past and opening itself up to modernity -- and the region's stunning vistas.

Is this what the future was meant to look like?

There was a time when it seemed like blueprints, dreams, and raw concrete could change the world.

How London's protected views shape the city

Tucked away in a residential corner of south-east London, Blackheath Park is neither well signposted nor easily located on a map.

This is the best building in the world

The Universidad de IngenierĂ­a y TecnologĂ­a (UTEC) in Lima, Peru has won the first ever RIBA International Prize.

Do these village homes have the best view in China?

In the 1990s, life in Beigou Village was difficult. There was no running water or infrastructure, and very limited job opportunities.

The man behind North Korea's next generation of architects

Mega monuments, symmetrical Soviet-style high rises and grand boulevards. That's what normally comes to mind when picturing North Korean architecture.

Introducing CNN Style guest editor Richard Rogers

Throughout the month of November the internationally acclaimed architect has chosen to focus on the democratization of public space.

Tiny wonders: World's most beautiful cottages

Award-winning architecture probably isn't the first thing that comes to mind when hearing the word "cottage."

Building a green oasis in the heart of a city

The $2 billion Bahnstadt campus in Heidelberg, south-west Germany, is a cutting-edge eco community with buildings that don't require heating or air conditioning.

The Everlasting Frenzy Of Baz Luhrmann's 'Romeo + Juliet,' 20 Years Later

The Shakespeare update starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes captured a generation transfixed by MTV.

Dead spaces: Architects rethink the afterlife

Crematoriums, morgues, funeral homes -- buildings for the dead usually look the same, but some architects have begun to embrace designing for death.

The six best buildings in the world right now

The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) has announced the six buildings shortlisted for its first ever International Prize.

The secret behind world's greatest buildings

The Royal Institute of British Architects will award its first International Prize in November. We explore the timeless ingredients behind "great." architecture

Can one temple unite every faith?

A barren golf course in Chile has been transformed into a space envisioned to be open to all, regardless of background, religion, gender, or social standing.

Megacities to ghost towns: Extreme skylines

When it comes to architectural innovation, some of the most significant changes to urban skylines over the past half-century have occurred in Asia.

Bieber Walked Offstage Because Fans Wouldn't Stop Screaming

We think the Biebs needs to take a break.

Taylor Swift Sang Calvin Harris' Song At Her First Concert Of 2016

Does this mean the exes are finally friends? Or is it getting a little shady in here?

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