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The Latest Queen Eliminated From 'Drag Race' Opens Up About Her Experience

"We should be the first ones to accept each other for who we are."

Two Ladies, One Bed – Coming Out in Tibet

How "out" could we be in traditional parts of the world?

If You Claim To Be Sex Positive, Then You Need To Be Intersex Positive

How can we hope to empower women sexually when we’re passively allowing the surgical mutilation of the pleasure organ?

Transgender Murders In El Salvador Leave Community In Fear

"It’s destroying us," one activist said.

'Come From Away' Star Explains How The Broadway Hit Can Unify Audiences

Caesar Samayoa says the musical is about "embracing the world."

'Tales Of The City' Will Sex Up New York For One Night Only

A musical version of the wild, queer-inclusive classic will benefit LGBTQ youth.

Love Letter From Natal, Brazil

Originally published on Gays With Kids, by Erika Prins Simonds. Ewerton Brito, 43, and Jonathan Dantas, 32, are dads to 5-year-old Matheus in Natal...

Alleged Gay 'Concentration Camps' In Chechnya Spark Global Outrage

Over 100 gay men are said to have been detained and tortured.

The Internet Reacts After Mom Cancels Disney Trip Over Gay Character

"Modest Mom" blogger believes the company is "targeting our youth."

How Alaska Thunderf**k Slithered Her Way Back Into Our Hearts

The "Drag Race All Stars" champ opens up.

Australian Gay Pride: Cheap Thrills

Sydney Mardi Gras. Coming to Australia has been a 20 year dream, and as I conclude my tenth day here I can honestly say it’s been just that, a d...

Lesbian and Bisexual Women and Trans and Intersex People Are Left Behind

Every year on International Women’s Day we are reminded that we still live in a world where most women are left behind. This is especially true for lesbi...

Candidate For Arizona Governor Posts Jaw-Dropping Statement About His Sex Life

Just imagine what would happen if all politicians were this honest.

It's Not About Bathrooms -- It's About Enshrining The Binary

And it’s not about reasonable concerns -- it's about irrational fears.

Rapper Gay Bashed In 2014: Trump Has Given People A 'Hall Pass to Act Crazy'

J.P. Masterson remembers the night he celebrated a decade with his partner vividly. As a matter of fact, says the out rapper known professionally as Jips...

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