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The Only Good Reason for My Many Sleepless Nights

When I was 16, I stopped eating.

Mom Posts Photos From Travel Ban Countries To Show We’re More Alike Than Different

“Here’s a universal fact: Old people love to kiss babies!!!”

Love Letter To The Childless Aunties In My Life On International Women's Day

It’s International Women’s Day and I wanted to take a minute to honor the women in my life who are not moms, by choice or otherwise, and have had an incr...

This Cake Is Everything

Somewhere in this buttercream frosting and R-O-Y-G-B-I-V is another year of my kid’s life gone by.

'Kindness Is Everything' Signs Promote Love In Response To Hate

These moms turned a small idea into a beautiful movement.

Kids Use 'Dr. Seuss Week' To Teach Classmates About His Racist Cartoons

Zoe and Rockett wanted to educate their fellow students.

To Ivanka Trump, From The Mother Of A Trans Child

What would you do if you were me?

I Had Unwanted, Disgusting And Intrusive Thoughts During My Postpartum Depression

At first, I was in mommy heaven. That is, of course, until I wasn’t.

How 'School Choice' Puts Children Like My Son At Risk

In Indiana, we’ve had front-row seats to the de-funding of public education in the name of “school choice” and its effects on students with disabilities.

20 Things You Know If You Were Raised By A Teacher

Your entire garage is filled with school supplies.

Blaming The Parents Of Children With Special Needs

Since the day my first baby was born, I have felt responsible for my children’s differences. Not responsible in the “I’m the momma so I need to hel...

And Miles To Go Before I Sleep

It’s morning and I awake, not to an alarm, but to bright sunlight streaming through a crack in my door. Cradled maternally by my mattress, I’ve slept so ...

Why This Mom Shared A Postpartum Photo That 'Horrified' Her

"Don’t let social media taint your view of what is beautiful."

Waitress Surprises Breastfeeding Mom Struggling Through Breakfast

She received a handwritten note and another sweet surprise.

It Happens Here, Too

What if I had not been an American woman in the hands of skilled surgeons?

To The Man I Choose To Love, And Leave

I'm disappointed that we didn’t give our son the start to life that I so completely believed we could.

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