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How Children End Up The Targets Of Sex Traffickers

April is child abuse prevention and awareness month.

School Principal Resigns After Student Journalists Investigate Her Credentials

“Everybody kept telling them, ‘stop poking your nose where it doesn’t belong,’” the students' adviser said.

Mom Organizes 'Nurse-In' At IKEA After Negative Breastfeeding Experience

Amanda McLaughlin was surprised by the store's approach to supporting moms.

My Parents Made Easter Special At Every Age — And Now It’s My Turn

In my house, I am the one and only official Easter Bunny. It’s different from my childhood, but just as special for our three children.

Congenital Heart Defects Rob Families Of Their Children.

February is “heart month” as many refer to it. The week of February 7th through the 14th is listed as Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Week even, but ye...

Mom Embraces Her 'Loose, Sagging Skin' In Stunning Photo

“I began to realize the value in my stretch marks."

To The Mom Who No Longer Feels Needed

Dear mom of older children, Remember those days… the days when you were largely responsible for everything regarding your children? You monitored e...

My Child Has Autism, And I'm The First To Initiate That Awkward Conversation

As long as a door opens somewhere as the result of my words, awareness will have spread a little bit more.

5 Ways Parents Can Help Prevent Cyberbullying

Start an open dialogue with your child, and be prepared to listen.

The Life Of An Okay Parent: Some Days You Cry

Give yourself a little credit. Life is messy, and you’re doing the best you can.

Thank You, Ivanka: From One Parent To Another

I think the best thing Americans can do for each other is to acknowledge where we connect.

On Being A Modern Father

Feminism is a must.

To My Son, In The Leopard Print One-Piece

I was a little anxious. What if a kid teased you?

15 Feminist Baby Names For Women's History Month

It is women’s history month and what better way to honor the past by naming the future? The following 15 female names reflect three hundred years of figh...

The Complicated, Distressing Relationship Teens Have With The News

By Will Kane, Common Sense News Ellis Whiteson, 11, starts his day with Good Morning America. At school, he might spend time on Snapchat and Instag...

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