Who makes more in Alabama: Doctors, dentists or attorneys?

Who makes more money in Alabama - doctors, dentists or lawyers? (file photo) 

Look at almost any list of jobs that offer high salaries and you'll see entries for doctors, dentists and attorneys. But have you ever wondered which of those careers pays the most?

Zippia, a career website, recently looked at each state's average salaries for dentists, physicians and attorneys. The data used comes from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and is adjusted to reflect the cost of living in each state since the person's salary would go further in Alabama than it would in California.

Here's how the salaries broke down in Alabama:

Average dentist salary: $192,524

Average physician's salary: $218,969

Average attorney's salary: $126,412

When compared to other states and adjusted for cost of living, the average salary for dentist salaries was 13th highest in the country; Alabama physicians came in ninth highest; and attorney salaries 12th highest.

In case you're curious, the states with the highest salaries for each job when adjusted for cost of living were: dentist, North Dakota, $231,107; physician, Mississippi, $244,402: and attorneys, Texas, $150,313.

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