Trump cops ‘nasty woman’, ‘bad hombres’ backlash

DONALD Trump sent social media into a spin when he called Hillary Clinton a “nasty woman”, and claimed he was going to expel “bad hombres” by building a wall the length of the US-Mexico border.

Mr Trump made the scathing comments during the final presidential debate, where the two presidential nominees went head-to-head in a verbal slugfest in Las Vegas.

At first, Mr Trump asserted that no one respects women more than he does. But as Ms Clinton was criticising him for his many years of tax avoidance, he interrupted her with his jibe.

“My Social Security contribution will go up, as will Donald’s — assuming he can’t find a way to get out of it,” Clinton joked in response to a question about entitlement reforms.

“Such a nasty woman,” Mr Trump said as he leaned into the microphone.

The snipe was not a good look for the Republican presidential candidate who was standing onstage with the first major-party female presidential nominee in US history.

Many expressed their shock on social media and US TV cable news, saying it was one of his weaker moments.

Twitter also lit up with a trending hashtag of #nastywoman, as users used it to make overwhelmingly positive comments about Ms Clinton.

The people running Clinton’s Twitter account during the debate also made sure to highlight the disparity between Trump’s statement earlier but tweeting: “Nobody respects women more than me,” and his “nasty woman” utterance.

Trump defenders, including conservative radio host Mark Levin, argued that both men and women can be “nasty” and that there was nothing sexist about his remark.

Twitter was also rattled by Mr Trump’s comments about “bad hombres” who he blamed for being behind drug epidemics across the US.

The comment came during their heated discussion on the topic of immigration, when he said: “We have some bad hombres here and we’re going to get them out.”

“Hombres” — a Spanish word for “men” — was immediately interpreted by many on social media as a reference to Mexicans.

At the very start of Mr Trump’s campaign, he called Mexican immigrants rapists and criminals.

Those who joined in on the trending hashtag of #badhombres posted negative comments about Mr Trump, with some even mocking his pronunciation of the word.

Mr Trump dominated discussion on Twitter during the final US presidential debate with Ms Clinton. Figures from the social media giant revealed 59 per cent of Twitter debate about the two candidates related to Mr Trump. But while Trump gained 6,000 followers during the debate, Ms Clinton gained 13,000 followers.

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