The footage is definitely a little awkward

DEPENDING on which way you look at this, it’s either a pretty sweet encounter or a super creepy one.

But footage of Republican nominee Donald Trump kissing a young girl at a campaign rally is definitely a little awkward and certainly got the internet talking.

Some argued the clip wasn’t as bad as it seems while many others on Twitter labelled it as creepy and stomach-churning.

But if you watch the entire footage, it isn’t as creepy as it first appears.

During the rally in Wisconsin, Trump invites the girl up onto the stage where he picks her up and asks her name.

The little girl says hello to the cheering crowd before telling them her name.

Trump then twice tries to plant a kiss on her cheek, but appears to fail both times.

“What a beautiful person you are,” he tells her before letting her go back to her parents.

But it didn’t end there. Trump later invited a second child onto the stage who didn’t appear to be that enthused to be there.

To be fair awkward kid encounters are the least of Trump’s problems.

Trump has faced a couple of tough weeks at the polls with the fallout over a 2005 video of him making lewd comments about women.

Several other women claimed Trump touched them inappropriately, accusations he has denied.

Trump is also trailing rival Hillary Clinton in the polls, while insisting voter fraud is “very, very common.”


At the rally in Wisconsin, Trump maintained voter fraud does pose a significant threat to the integrity of the US electoral system, claiming the election could be rigged “at the polling booths” despite a lack of evidence to the contrary.

Speaking at Monday’s rally in Green Bay, Trump doubled down on his widely condemned attempts to undermine the election’s outcome, which are unprecedented in modern presidential politics.

“They even want to try to rig the election at the polling booths. And believe me, there’s a lot going on,” Trump told the audience.

“Do you ever hear these people? They say there’s nothing’s going on. People that have died 10 years ago are still voting. Illegal immigrants are voting. I mean, where are the street smarts of some of these politicians?

“So many cities are corrupt,” he added, “and voter fraud is very, very common.”

Trump’s allies have also been insisting that the GOP nominee’s escalating complaints about a “rigged” election were meant to refer to what they see as the media’s bias against the Republican candidate and preference for Clinton.

But Trump, who has repeatedly asked his supporters to keep an eye out for fraud on election day and make sure things are on “the up-and-up,” has made clear he also has concerns about the integrity of the voting system — especially in cities, like Philadelphia, with large minority populations.

However most experts say voter fraud is extremely rare in the US, with one study by a Loyola Law School professor finding just 31 known cases of impersonation fraud out of one billion votes cast between 2000 and 2014.

Meanwhile Wisconsin’s Republican governor has defended the integrity of his state’s vote after Trump claimed that the election will be rigged.

Scott Walker said “it’s easy to vote, but hard to cheat” in Wisconsin because voters are required to show ID at the polls.


Clinton continues to build on her lead over Trump in the latest polls, but that hasn’t stopped one Australian punter from outlaying a whopping $100,000 on the Republican nominee to become the next US President.

TAB spokesman Shaun Anderson said the punter stood to collect $500,000 should Trump emerge victorious following the November 8 election.

“Despite Trump being an outsider, it’s all one-way traffic for him to pull off an upset,” he said.

“If he gets up, it will be a horrible result for the TAB but a great result for the punter.”

The TAB currently holds more than $1.2 million on its US Election market. Of that, $1 million has been placed on Trump.

— With Associated Press writer Jill Colvin

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