DJI to Ship Mavic Drones

Three days after disappointing drone fans by admitting a delay in shipping its Mavic Pro photography drone, China-based DJI on Friday announced they'd be shipping pre-orders after all.

"We are working round the clock to get the Mavic Pro in your hands," Adam Najberg, the Global Director of Communication at DJI, said in a press release. "Please check online for updates on your order status."

DJI tried to beat Go Pro, its biggest competitor, by launching the lighter, faster and slightly lower-cost Mavic Pro on Oct. 15, about a week before Go Pro was slated to launch its Karma drone. But what it called "amazingly strong global demand" posed some production difficulties for DJI.

DJI, which started out as a drone producer, is trying to strengthen its leadership position in the drone field by offering an action-video camera option. Go Pro, famous for its sports cameras, is expanding into the consumer drone market, which is estimated to grow to $4.8 billion by the end of 2020, from $609 million in 2014.

DJI and Go Pro were once partners with plans to produce a drone under Go Pro's name. But DJI backed out of the partnership when Go Pro demanded two thirds of the profits, according to DJI's CEO Frank Wang.

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