Bill Speros: Tom Brady just wants a win, revenge an afterthought

Googled “Brady Revenge” yesterday.

It got 49,700,000 results.

And that was just from in Massachusetts (not including Lincoln, of course).

For reals, the search term “Brady Revenge” did get 49.7 million results across in my Google search. Google probably doesn’t care which team wins the Super Bowl in 12 days.

Odds are, you do, or you wouldn’t be reading this.

State Run Media, the world of “Snapface,” radio, newspapers and television, was saturated with various takes on the “Brady Revenge” angle during the past 36 hours.

My favorite was ESPN The Magazine’s image of the seven-time Super Bowl starting quarterback with the word’s “BRADY’S REVENGE” stamped across the cover. In other words, “Brady is coming for Roger Goodell and we’re here to chronicle it all.”

The narrative — for the ill-informed — is one of Brady achieving full physical, mental and emotional nirvana at the expense of Herr Goodell during the Super Bowl trophy presentation.

Goodell is the primary suspect in the sports world injustice that was Deflategate. He had a multitude of accomplices.

ESPN was one. Its infamous “11 of 12” line about deflated balls was “Fake News” before “Fake News” was cool. That ESPN is trying to deflect the issue of “Brady’s Revenge” away from ESPN is laughable.

Another was the vanquished Rooney family. According to my “Obnoxious Boston Show” co-host Meredith Gorman, members of the Rooney family exited Gillette Stadium with about three minutes left in Sunday’s AFC Conference Championship Demolition. A cowardly act. The Rooneys have been consistently ahead of schedule when it comes to making absurd accusations about the Patriots and seeing conspiracy theories every time a drunken clown pulls a fire alarm.

Payback, however, isn’t on Brady’s mind. Based on his postgame quotes, the call to “Kirk and Callahan” on WEEI, and his “Instabook” feed, there is no room for “revenge” — or Frosted Flakes — in his world.

Brady just wants to win. That is enough. He was angry long before Deflategate. He grew up in a home with three older sisters and probably needed an Airbnb reservation just to use the bathroom. He was the seventh-string quarterback when he enrolled at Michigan. He was taken with the 199th pick in the 2000 NFL draft. John Madden told him to take a knee. He only wins because he cheats.

You get the point.

The chatter of “Brady’s Revenge” heading into the coronation being called Super Bowl LI by officially licensed marketers and NFL media types does not matter a whit to No. 12.

Remember when the patriots of New England stood against the world back in 1775? Well, not much has changed since in this sense. The Patriots organization, those honest media types who cover the team, the region and the entire Patriots’ fan base were all guilty-by-association in Deflategate.

You cheated. Your balls were deflated. Everything you celebrated in the last 15 years was tainted. It was as if the Russians hacked it all. (President Trump may still swap Alaska for Robert Kraft’s Super Bowl ring, however.)

Winning is your revenge. Winning is the organization’s revenge. Winning is New England’s revenge.

Winning is revenge for the people who saw the team play at Fenway Park or grew up listening to home games on WBZ because they were never sold out. Winning is revenge for those who follow the Patriots from Australia, to Austria, to those stationed in Afghanistan. (I have heard from them all in recent years.)

When the Patriots win Super Bowl LI — no disrespect to Matt Ryan — it won’t be because “Mystique” and “Aura” were making their second Super Sunday appearance in Houston. Nor will their sister “Destiny” play a role.

“The One For The Middle Finger” will be procured because Tom Brady has worked his oh-so-sweet butt off for 15 of the past 16 NFL seasons. It will be won because it took 385 Pittsburgh Steelers to tackle LeGarrette Blount Sunday at the goal line.

It will be won because Bill Belichick is Alan Turing and the rest of the NFL is the teacher from “Charlie Brown.” It will be won because the Patriots’ best-in-the-NFL defense is just that, the best in the NFL.

This Super Bowl victory will be your revenge because you dared believe the NFL and its apparatchiks were completely full of it.

And it will be the sweetest — until the next one.

Bill Speros co-hosts the “Obnoxious Boston Show” Mondays at noon with Meredith Gorman. He tweets @RealOBF and can be reached at

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