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Chuck Berry remembered: Long live the Bard of rock 'n' roll

Chuck Berry is gone — and Chuck Berry will outlive us all.

"Power Rangers" Star admits to killing his roommate with a sword

Ricardo Medina Jr. faces six years in prison for voluntary manslaughter when he's sentenced this month. His attorney says he killed in self-defense.

These 3 Puerto Rican scientists are helping to save endangered parrots, turtles and manatees

Three Puerto Rican scientists are making strides to save endangered Puerto Rican parrots, turtles and manatees, and are featured in a new Nature episode on PBS.

Bureau of Land Management changes website homepage to photo of coal bed

The Bureau of Land Management, an agency within the Interior Department, recently quietly changed its homepage website photo to a large bed of coal.

7 Best places in the universe to look for alien life

Extraterrestrials might be hiding on any of these ocean moons, alien planets, and distant stars.

Devastating floods in Peru displace tens of thousands

Mudslides have struck across the Andean nation where dozens have been killed and many of the hardest hit are those who can least afford it.

Flint water settlement hailed as big win, but city has a long way to go

Activists and public officials alike called the deal a huge step but said the lead-contaminated city still has a long way to go.

Pro-Turkey Twitter hack hits Forbes, Bieber, Blockchain, Atlanta cops

Targets for the apparent Twitter hack ranged from Forbes and tennis star Boris Becker to the Atlanta Police Department.

Global warming is a matter of survival for Pacific Islander women

In Fiji and other Pacific nations, climate change has taken hold of communities — from rising sea levels to droughts and substandard rainy seasons.

Senate votes to overturn Obama-era hunting limits of Alaskan wildlife

The Senate's approval of the bill to overturn the hunting restrictions this week means the measure now only needs Trump's signature to become a law.

Bumble bee species finally lands on endangered species list after Trump admin delay

It's the first time in the history of the continental United States that a bee species is under federal protection.

Twitter sues federal government to keep anti-Trump user @ALT_uscis anonymous

A federal summons seeks user names, phone numbers and addresses of anyone associated with an account critical of Customs and Border Protection.

Senate votes to let ISPs sell your data without consent

The measure, which the only Democratic member of the FCC said opens 'a massive gap in consumer protection law,' still has to pass the House and be signed by the president.

World track and field governing body says it was hacked by Fancy Bear

The world governing body of track and field claimed Monday that it was the victim of a cyber attack carried out by the Fancy Bear hacking group.

Boy killed himself in response to a social media prank, mother says

An 11-year old Michigan boy died after hanging himself in response to his girlfriend's fake suicide prank on social media.

Nuclear-hit Fukushima will host Olympic baseball in 2020

Three reactors at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant suffered a meltdown after an earthquake and tsunami struck the region in March 2011.

President Trump plans on directing the EPA to review current fuel efficiency rules on the auto industry

President Donald Trump plans on directing the Environmental Protection Agency to review current fuel efficiency rules on the auto industry.

Trump to meet with Flint mayor to discuss water crisis

Flint, Michigan and its water crisis no longer dominates the headlines, but that doesn't mean the struggle against lead contamination has ended for residents.

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