Maine students to send unmanned sailboat to Europe

BELFAST, Maine (AP) — Students in Maine are planning to send a small unmanned sailboat equipped with a GPS to Europe.

Members of the University of Maine’s Marine Sciences Club are partnering with local schoolchildren on the project. The sailboat will be a little less than five feet long and it’ll be entered into the 2016 Atlantic Miniboat Regatta.

The university says the sailboat will be tracked on its European voyage by way of the ocean currents.

The miniboat regatta is organized by Educational Passages of Belfast, Maine. The program teaches school-age children about ocean sciences.

Participants in the regatta are launching crafts this month. UMaine says schools, colleges and organizations from several different countries are scheduled to take part this year.

The goal is for the boats to circle the North Atlantic Ocean.

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photo of Maine students to send unmanned sailboat to Europe

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