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3 interview questions that will help you gauge whether a job is high stress

The trick is to find out whether or not this will be a stressful job without giving the impression that you plan to bring less than your best to your new job.

4 high-impact resume updates that take less than 5 minutes

You can make some substantial strides toward improving your resume in just five minutes.

The most important part of networking happens before you even set foot in an event or meeting

There's a much better way to build relationships than going to events or meetings or hitting the "Connect" button on LinkedIn.

5 pieces of terrible résumé advice you should ignore

You should start ignoring these misguided pieces of résumé advice.

9 signs you're successful, even if it doesn't feel like it

When it comes to success, our eyes often lead us astray.

5 things managing political campaigns taught me about being a CEO

Working in grass-roots politics prepared The Penny Hoarder's Kyle Taylor to run a company.

8 characteristics of a good listener

What to focus on when others are talking, according to James Altucher.

Here are the best—and worst—states to live in for 2017

Which state is the best to live in? Which is the worst? U.S. News & World Report ranked all 50 states.

How Oscar-winner Emma Stone and 9 other highly successful people got their start

Behind the glitz and glamour is a history of hard work.

This is how 5 self-made billionaires beat stress

Bill Gates's method is scientifically proven to reduce anxiety.

Workers are working longer—and better

Many aging employees are staying put longer because they want to.

Op-Ed: How do you spot a hit like Snapchat? This VC explains the ‘X’ factor

This VC explains what makes Snap a break-out star and the one key thing he looks for before investing in a start-up.

Here’s why businesses should hire athletes

The skills and experience gained through sports translate into marketable leadership skills.

31 things you should do for yourself before you turn 30

Make sure you're doing all of these things for yourself to make today and your future so much better.

How to develop the mindset you need to start your own business

I had almost zero knowledge of what an entrepreneur was when I started my first business. But I learned fast.

Nobody has seen Richard Simmons for over 1,000 days

Richard Simmons is an American fitness icon. He’s worth over $15 million. He weighed 269 pounds at his high school graduation. He lost 123 of those pounds in his 20s. He is estimated to have …

Georgia O’Keeffe basically wore her works of art

Georgia O’Keeffe was more than a modernist master and feminist hero: She’s also a fashion icon. Throughout the decades, this American artist — who died in 1986 at the age of 98 — has become as well…

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