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Pope Francis suggests openness to ordaining married men as priests

The Catholic Church had married priests in its earlier years, though celibacy became a standard in the church and a flash point in the larger debates in the Protestant Reformation.

Ash Wednesday brings Lenten lunches: 5 things to know

With Lent beginning on Ash Wednesday, the Cathedral Church of the Advent opens its annual Lenten lunches, a Birmingham tradition.

Four new hotels to escape this cold weather

Thaw out from frigid winter at one of these sultry new stays. Mexico: Hotel Esencia Since being taken over and given a modernist redecoration by Emmy-winning producer and media honcho Kevin Wendle,…

Catholic school’s 21-page prom dress code leaves few options

A parochial school in Illinois isn’t taking any chances that girls attending its prom will be dressed immodestly. So Boylan Catholic High School in Rockford recently issued a “proper dress an…

Woman discovers she has HIV by Googling it

The signs were everywhere. Abby Landy had broken out in cold sores, was physically ill and had just received a sinister text from a former lover reading: “I hope you remember me forever.” She went …

Stop making these dieting excuses

Your New Year resolution to battle the bulge started off with great success, but come March your motivation fades and along with this comes a barrage of reasons why now isn’t the time to shift the …

How this overweight dog lost half its size

A morbidly obese Jack Russell mix overfed by its previous owner and then abandoned on the streets has lost almost half her weight — and is still shedding pounds. Pearl, who at one point was o…

Meet the sensors that could be watching while you work

In today’s workplace, sensors can track how long employees go without talking with one another, and, in one case, even when workers are away from their...

21 signs your company doesn't care about you

Some signs that the company you work for does not care about you at all.

One unconscious bias is keeping women out of senior roles

Affinity or similarity bias is where people seek out those who share their backgrounds, group membership, or experiences.

How a Craigslist post landed me my first job at Tesla

In 2008, Colin Gillingham went from studying at Elon University to working for Elon Musk.

These 4 jobs will keep you safe from robots

Machines will soon do almost everything that workers do today.

10 mistakes smart people never make twice

Fully acknowledging and embracing errors is the only way to avoid repeating them.

Apply to be Kate Middleton's new secretary or one of these 6 cool, unusual jobs

After a decade of working for the royal family, assistant Rebecca Deacon is stepping down.

10 key takeaways from the US News Best Countries ranking

U.S. News & World Report surveyed 21,000 citizens to rank 80 nations.

This is the piece of professional clothing you need to invest in

The shopping director of Racked.com says this is one case where spending more makes a discernible difference.

The one perfect way to start your emails

Tone is perhaps the toughest aspect of effective business communication.

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