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Five indigenous women who are taking the lead

In celebration of International Women's Day, CBC Aboriginal shines the light on indigenous women who are breaking stereotypes about leadership and making a difference in their communities, and across Canada.

Designer's duplex connects him to clients, community in West Hollywood

Interior designer Tommy Chambers downsized to his 1,250 sq. foot unit in his West Hollywood duplex, next door to his office.

Please stop asking me if each new guy I date is ‘The One’

No, my latest date isn't "The One." He doesn't have to be, either. I'm perfectly happy as a single, dating woman in my 30s.

This Mid-City nursery – open to the public this weekend — is one of the last of its kind

The planter boxes brimming with greens that punctuate the front yard of this modest house in a quiet Mid-City neighborhood are the first clue that you might be

Google Home and eBay can tell you how much that's worth

The two companies demo eBay's new Shopbot, a digital "concierge" for shopping, at Google's cloud conference in San Francisco.

Cheaper Nest thermostat may be on the way

Alphabet's Nest is reportedly working on a new thermostat and new home security products.

How to enable two-step authentication for your Nest account

Take a few seconds and add an extra layer of security to your Nest account.

A glitch for some Google Home users

People are complaining that the Google Home is giving an error message when they try to control connected devices.

Amazon hands over Echo data in murder case

The user involved agreed to have the data released, avoiding a potential legal battle between privacy and law enforcement concerns.

Nest adds two-factor authentication to make your smart home more secure

Google's smart-home brand will now text you a PIN, in an effort to make it harder for home hackers.

20 Alexa tips and tricks

Amazon's Alexa devices are loaded with features. Here we help you become more proficient with your Echo, Echo Dot or Tap.

CIA hacking? Hooray! Privacy advocates see an upside

It appears US spies are using targeted hacking tools in their investigations. The surprise: That could mean your data is safer.

Transforming a derelict tavern from a 'home of last resort' to a place people want to live

A nonprofit takes on a massive renovation of an east end landmark, George and Mary's Tavern, pledging to turn it into 60 low-cost, but high-quality, apartments.

How the 'bathroom debate' crushed Ty Laframboise's wrestling dreams

Ty Laframboise wanted to wrestle in university. But on day 1, he had to pick between the men's or women's mats, and it only got worse from there.

Youngest-ever Ontario MPP, Sam Oosterhoff, beats challenger again in PC nomination

The youngest-ever member of Ontario's legislature emerged victorious Tuesday night in a nomination battle, securing his spot representing the Progressive Conservatives in next year's provincial election.

'The discomfort is dealing with nudity': Bill Henson model speaks out

One of Bill Henson's long-time models speaks out about her artistic collaboration, controversy and the decision to pose when she was an adolescent.

On International Women's Day, don't forget men

Did the ABC stop to consider the disastrous impact banning male presenters would have on men?

'Hollywood's gone bonkers': Beauty and the Beast's gay agenda

Deidre Fidge has had it up to here with animated family films spruiking outrageous political agendas.

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