Life with pet gorilla is bananas

MOST people opt for a puppy or a rabbit when choosing their family pet, but this French couple took things a step further when they adopted Digit the gorilla.

Weighing just two kilometres, Digit was tiny then she was taken in by Pierre and Eliane Thivillon.

The Sun reports that the couple, who don’t have any children, decided to adopt the ape after she was abandoned as a baby.

They bottle-fed and reared her, even making sure that she was house trained.

They kept her in her own enclosure attached to their home, just to the west of Lyon, France.

Pet gorilla

She developed more independence and now only occasionally needs her human parents to help her with tasks like extracting food from her teeth or pulling a splinter from her hand.

As a teenager she even tried to jump into bed with her doting parents!

These days she eclipses her owners, as she has grown massively in size.

But despite her impressive stature, Digit is still a real softie.

During her younger years Mr Thivillion describes that he was never able to go out in the evening as she wasn’t able to be left with anyone else.

Not because she had a nasty temperament but just because she got upset when separated from her beloved owners.

“We cannot leave Digit overnight with anyone else, which means we haven’t be able to go out for 13 years,” he said in an interview in 2013.

“We haven’t had a holiday, or a night away. We haven’t been to the cinema, the theatre, or out for dinner.

“It would make Digit sad if we weren’t here, and if she is sad we are, too.”

The Thivillions run a private zoo and sanctuary for animals rescued from poorly run zoos and circuses.

They care for more than a thousand animals including monkeys, gibbons, snow leopards, tigers and lions and eight other gorillas.

This article originally appeared in The Sun

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