How to find your lost phone with the Google Home

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by Taylor Martin April 5, 2017 2:15 PM PDT @caspertek

There's no shortage of ways to find a lost phone these days. You can use Find My iPhone, search for a lost Android phone on Google, use a Trackr tag or one of the many third-party applications designed to do the same thing.

While at home, you can also use the Google Home to find a phone lost in the couch cushions. Here's how.

Find your lost phone with the Google Home

Out of the box, Google Home can't locate your lost phone, which seems like a missed opportunity considering a Google web search can locate and ring your Android phone.

To locate your phone with the Google Home, you will need an IFTTT account with the Google Assistant and Phone Call channels activated.

To activate the channels, go to, log in or sign up and click Search at the top of the page. Search for Google Assistant, click on the channel and click Connect. Log in to the same Google account that you use on Google Home. Repeat the process for the Phone Call channel. Enter your phone number, click Send PIN, answer the phone call and enter the given PIN.

Google created an IFTTT applet for this very purpose, so you don't even need to go through the trouble of creating it from scratch. Just open the applet page in a web browser, make sure you're logged in to IFTTT and click Turn on.

Once the applet activates, enter a simple phrase, such as, "Find my phone."Optionally, you can add up two additional phrases, such as, "Where is my phone?"Enter what you want Assistant to say in response.Under Message to say, enter what you want the phone call to say when you answer.Click Save.

After the applet is added to your account, if you misplace your phone around the house, you can just say, "OK, Google, find my phone," and IFTTT will give your phone a ring. Unfortunately, if your phone is silenced, you won't be able to locate it using this method, though you may be able to determine its location based on vibrations.

Unmute an Android phone with the Google Home

If you have an Android phone, however, you have an extra option for locating your phone with the Google Home, even if it's been silenced. Thanks to the Android Device channel, you can set the ringtone volume to max using IFTTT.

Make sure you activate the Android Device channel. Then, to create the applet:

Go to, click on your username in the upper right corner of the page to access the drop-down menu and select New Applet.Click This to begin.Under Choose Trigger Channel, search for Google Assistant and select it.For the trigger, select Say a specific phrase. Type in a phrase like "Find my phone," and click Create trigger. (Make note of the phrases that you used for the first applet, as the phrases for this applet will need to be identical to the original.)Click That to continue.Search for the Android Device channel and select it.For the Action select Set ringtone volume.Select 100% from the drop-down menu and click Create action.Give the applet a name and click Finish.

With the two above applets activated on your IFTTT account, when you say, "OK, Google, find my phone," your Android phone's ringtone volume will be set to 100 percent and IFTTT will call your phone. If your phone is set to Do Not Disturb and hasn't been updated to Android 7, your ringtone volume will not be changed.

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