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How to use the hottest colors of 2016 to refresh a room or inspire a home makeover

Consider a fresh coat of paint on accent furniture, switching out the lampshades, a new rug or painting the inside of a bookshelf.

Cardinals rally to defend pope amid conservatives’ backlash

Pope Francis’ top advisers are rallying to his defense amid an unprecedented wave of conservative criticism that represents the biggest challenge to his mercy-over-morals papacy.

Pitch for third term: Colin Barnett

Colin Barnett joins Sabra Lane, with his pitch for a third term. Premier Barnett denies allegations the Lib Party will 'gut' the Royalties for Regions program, and says he will retreat quietly to the backbench if he's not voted back in, but is confident it will be a win. He also considers the micro parties to 'game the system' and if the opinion polls are correct, One Nation is 'a reality'.

World's largest fund puts corrupt, polluting firms on notice

The world's largest sovereign wealth fund is threatening companies around the world found guilty of a raft of unethical practices with divestment.

Government targeting struggling renters with housing affordability taskforce

The Federal Government is setting up a taskforce to design a government bank that would fund community housing.

Penalty rates and retail's rush to the bottom

Retailers can't cut their rents and despite the best efforts of the big retailers, there's only so far you can squeeze your suppliers, so it's no surprise Sunday penalty rates for those at the bottom have become the target, writes Andrew Robertson.

Gas prices will rise and there's not much we can do to stop it

The steep rise in Australia's gas prices became inevitable once approval was granted for 10 giant LNG plants, writes Michael Janda.

Why women beat men on the stock market

New research reveals not only why women traders buy and sell less than men, but that they may be better at it, writes Peter Swan from UNSW.

'I'll fix SA power problems in 100 days': Tesla boss Elon Musk

Billionaire tech entrepreneur Elon Musk joins the throng of entrepreneurs pitching potential solutions to South Australia's power woes.

Protesters shut down public meeting over student housing in Redfern

A public meeting on the redevelopment of the Block in Redfern by a student accommodation provider is shut down by angry protesters.

Coffee roasting competition out to find the best in the world

The quest to find the best coffee roaster in the world kicks off in Melbourne, with a record number of 820 entries from nine countries.

Parramasala Festival to showcase the many cultures of western Sydney

A record number of nationalities will be showcased at this year's Parramasala Festival in Sydney's west, organisers of the long-running event promise.

Woman who gave water to pigs acted in public good like Gandhi Nelson Mandela, says lawyer

Closing arguments took place Thursday in Burlington, Ont., in the trial of a woman charged with mischief after giving water to pigs being sent to slaughter.

Ontario city to close road for safe crossing of endangered salamander

The Jefferson salamander, an endangered amphibian found only in southern Ontario, has begun to emerge from the ground along a small stretch of the Niagara escarpment and has been dodging cars as it crosses the lone road on its annual march to breeding ponds.

City council unanimously passes new transgender protocol

The protocol includes rules saying they can use the public restrooms and change rooms based on their gender identities.

Kellie Leitch quotes this McMaster prof. on immigration, he calls her plan 'absurd'

Victor Satzewich, a professor at McMaster University in Hamilton and the author of Points of Entry, says federal Conservative leadership candidate Kellie Leitch's campaign wants to fix an immigration system that is not broken.

Newcomer women 'empowered' to work in food industry

The Immigrants Working Centre celebrated International Women's Day by getting students certified to handle hazardous materials in the food industry.

From coast to coast and north to south, Indigenous women are on the rise

To make International Women's Day, meet 13 Indigenous women from across Canada to watch in 2017 and beyond.

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