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US officials monitor yellow fever outbreak in Brazil

The ongoing yellow fever outbreak in Brazil is raising concerns that the disease may cross borders into the US, like Zika, says an essay in the New England Journal of Medicine.

Family asking questions after son dies following Surrey hospital ER visit

Another family is speaking out about treatment by Fraser Health Authority after their son was sent home from the Surrey Memorial Hospital emergency room and died a day later.

Reality Check: Should some prescription drugs become available over-the-counter?

A new study says up to a billion dollars could be saved by making some common drugs available over-the-counter, instead of requiring a prescription. But experts say it's not worth the risk.

Province pays off large portion of $118k bill for Manitoba man treated in U.S. hospital

The province has agreed to pay for a portion of a Manitoba man's massive medical bill after receiving life-saving surgery in the U.S.

Saskatchewan woman stands by MS liberation therapy after UBC study discredits it

A Saskatchewan woman who says MS liberation therapy works and has completely changed her life is taking issue with a UBC report that found the treatment doesn’t work.

'From bold idea to scientific quackery': UBC study claims to debunk controversial MS treatment

A new study at the University of British Columbia has produced a "definitive debunking" of a controversial procedure that surgically widens neck veins as a treatment for multiple sclerosis.

Why this specific form of exercise helps keep muscle cells young

What form of exercise is best? When it comes to getting results at the cellular level, especially as we age, mixing high and low intensities of aerobic activities like cycling and walking appears to be most beneficial, according to a new study.

Zika virus linked to heart problems in some adults

For the first time, doctors have tied infection with the Zika virus to possible new heart problems in adults.

U.S. doctors sound alarm on yellow fever outbreak

An ongoing outbreak in the jungles of Brazil could have consequences for the rest of the Americas, researchers say

Eye exam might pick up on serious leg condition

Changes in the eye’s retina may signal a narrowing of blood vessels in the legs, called peripheral artery disease

​L​eukemia​ drug fends off cancer for a decade, study shows

Gleevec, the brand name for imatinib, "has stood the test of time" with no new safety risks, say cancer experts

Pot for pets: Cannabis treatments catch on for dogs and cats

Some pet owners say marijuana works better than veterinarian-approved drugs

Alzheimer's deaths almost doubled in last 15 years, report says

Alzheimer's death toll is "alarming" and caregivers are affected more than ever now, too, experts say

Is soy OK for breast cancer patients?

“I think it’s safe to say soy doesn’t have harmful effects on breast cancer,” researcher says of new study

The bad eating habits that are killing the most Americans

New research links certain eating habits with deaths from heart disease, strokes and diabetes

Study finds MS vein therapy ineffective, questions remain

A new Canadian study has concluded that a procedure to open narrowed veins in the neck and chest is ineffective in relieving the symptoms of multiple sclerosis and works no better than a placebo treatment. But some neurologists and MS patients who say the treatment worked wonders for them say more research is still needed.

Six other research avenues in the treatment of MS

There are several medications currently available to treat multiple sclerosis, but most aim only to slow its progression, not halt it, and all are considered only modestly effective. But many MS specialists have hope for new treatments still in development.

'They found one?': Boy learns he's getting a new heart in heartwarming video

A brave little cardiac patient has a million questions after finding out he's getting a new heart, in an emotional video that's gone viral on Facebook.

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