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This Woman's Viral Photo Reveals A Cancer Symptom You Might Miss

<p>Lorna Nickson Brown had unknowingly been exhibiting one subtle symptom of thyroid cancer for over a year: a bump on her neck.</p>

This Researcher Is Here To Debunk Your Favorite Celebrity Diets

He's so not buying what Gwyneth is selling.

21 Surprising Things I Learned After Going Vegan for 21 Days

While my decision to try out the vegan lifestyle is recent, I've been vegetarian since I was eleven. When I first made the switch, my parents made me see a nutritionist as part of the deal. At the time, I was living on a steady diet of pizza, hot dogs, and sugary breakfast cereal. I was basically living every eleven-year-old's dream. Needless to say, the nutritionist wasn't impressed. I wound up replacing a lot of my food with whole grains, fruits, ...

Raw milk cheese suspected in Listeria outbreak that killed two

Two people have died and four more hospitalized in an outbreak of Listeria linked to cheese made using raw milk, federal investigators say.

This pill is helping cancer patients live for 10 years or longer

Bart Shah got a death sentence when he was diagnosed with leukemia at age 60. Now 77, he's one of Gleevec's success stories.

American Medical Association rejects the Republican health care proposal

Conservatives are suspicious, liberals hate it and now doctors say the GOP's health care replacement plan is unfair and will hurt their patients.

The new GOP health care plan looks a lot like Obamacare to some

It's not even clear if all Republicans in Congress will vote for it. At best, analysts agreed, it's a work in progress.

Who wins, who loses with the GOP health care bill's tax credits

Who benefits from the tax credits in the House's health care bill? Age and income matter, but where you live matters a lot, too.

Students Allowed to Nap at School With Sleep Pods

The problem? The National Institutes of Health recommends 9-10 hours of sleep every night, but only a third of teens are sleeping even 8 hours.

Here are the best and worst things to eat for heart disease

Just 10 foods account for nearly half of heart disease deaths in the U.S., researchers say. Too much of some or too little of others can kill you.

New Republican health care plan would cut $1 billion for preventing disease

The new Republican health care plan would slash the CDC budget by cutting a fund set up to help doctors catch outbreaks early and prevent disease.

White House budget chief praises GOP health care bill but gives no costs

Mick Mulvaney, director of the Office of Management and Budget, could offer no hard numbers for the GOP bill when asked Tuesday on TODAY.

2016 traffic deaths jump to highest level in nearly a decade

A jump in traffic fatalities last year pushed deaths on U.S. roads to their highest level in nearly a decade, erasing improvements made during the Great Recession and economic recovery, a leading safety organization said Wednesday.

GOP leaders unveil new health law outline, divisions remain

Top House Republicans unveiled a rough sketch of a massive health care overhaul to rank-and-file lawmakers Thursday, but a lack of detail, cost estimates and GOP unity left unresolved the problem that’s plagued them for years: What’s the party’s plan and can Congress pass it?

Shock and praise for sex-ed textbook in China

Educational materials for students ages 6 to 13 have people asking whether the books are a step forward or bordering on pornographic.

Cancer survivor has change of heart over Obamacare

Tiffany Koehler was raised in foster care, is biracial, a veteran and a cancer survivor.

The genius in people with learning, mental health issues

Dr. Gail Saltz, in her new book, says the brain differences that cause learning and mental health issues may also bring more creativity, aptitude and visual skills.

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