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Meet AnnaBís, a handbag line designed to help you port your pot in high style

The AnnaBís line of purses, clutches and handbags, launched in 2015, is aiming squarely at the style-meets-sticky-bud demographic.

From ‘City of Night’ to ‘After the Blue Hour,’ John Rechy’s lyrical voice speaks many truths

Susan Straight writes about the iconic L.A. writer John Rechy and his new book, 'After the Blue Hour.'

A visit with Other Books in Boyle Heights

A new independent bookstore is open for business in Boyle Heights.

Laila Lalami on the public writer vs. the private self

Critic at Large Laila Lalami writes of the competing pressures on her and other novelists.

Rigoberto González on being in the bittersweet club of professionals of color

L.A. Times critic at large Rigoberto Gonzalez on the uncomfortable encounters and misperceptions that people of color face.

Fiona Maazel's 'A Little More Human' is like Pynchon writing a telenovela

Fiona Maazel ups her game with a novel that's part surreal science fiction, part telenovela, part Thomas Pynchon.

The challenge and joy of poetry by Robin Coste Lewis and Adrian Matejka

Two black poets jog our collective memories, facing the distant and recent history of black Americans, asking us to try to see ourselves in their mirrors.

Jeff VanderMeer on the biggest dystopia of spring, 'American War' by Omar El Akkad

Fights over fossil fuels and climate change have driven America to civil war in Omar El Akkad's debut novel.

Winner of the Prix Goncourt, 'Compass' by Mathias Enard is brilliant and frustrating

If “Compass” had an index (more’s the pity that it doesn’t) you could use it as the syllabus for a Ph.D program.

Elif Batuman turns her gifts to fiction in 'The Idiot'

Elif Batuman, who reads in L.A. on Monday, applies her literary gifts to fiction in her novel 'The Idiot'

Katie Kitamura on relationships, absence and her novel 'A Separation'

Katie Kitamura discusses her novel 'A Separation,' which follows a fracturing creative couple.

Exploring what womanhood means after 50: 'The Middlepause'

Marina Benjamin takes a deep look at being a woman in middle age in her new book

In his novel 'White Tears,' Hari Kunzru delves into the blues, white appropriation and our violent past

In his novel 'White Tears', Hari Kunzru delves into the blues, white appropriation and our violent past

How much did Robert Lowell's manic-depression affect his poetry? A new biography tries to find the answer

In "Robert Lowell, Setting the River on Fire," biographer Kay Redfield Jamison explores the connection between manic-depression and the poet's genius,

Mohsin Hamid's 'Exit West' imagines a new way out for refugees

In a world swarming with refugees, a world of travel bans, extreme vetting and giant walls, imagine mysterious black doors that transport defenseless refugees

A man becomes impossibly pedantic and gets a reality TV show in 'The One-Eyed Man' by Ron Currie Jr.

When an everyman's complaints catch the attention of a reality TV producer, the result is Ron Currie Jr.'s novel

Double bubble trouble: John Scalzi on living in two Americas

Writer John Scalzi's hometown voted for Trump; his online community of authors and creatives is liberal. Will the worlds collide?

Jane Mayer discusses her book 'Dark Money' and its ongoing relevance

Jane Mayer discusses her book 'Dark Money' and its ongoing relevance

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