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Fredericton students upset over university campuses remaining open during snow storm

Some Fredericton university students have taken to social media to complain that their campuses should have been closed on Thursday when the city was shutdown by heavy snow.

Can N.J. schools achieve these goals by 2030? State pitches long-term plan

New Jersey schools would be expected to make progress toward the goals each year.

Feds investigating N.J. charter school over discrimination complaint

The charter school has a much lower percentage of Hispanic students than the town's school district, according to state data.

Edmonton public high schools will be overcrowded by 2021: report

Overcrowding has been a problem in Edmonton's elementary and junior highs schools for years, and now the public school board says that will soon be a problem at the high school level as well if no new schools are built.

Nova Scotia teachers to hold one-day strike Friday to oppose legislation

Nova Scotia teachers will hold a one-day strike Friday in protest of the government's legislated contract.

Rutgers, unions spar over unpaid wages for 5,000 employees

The dispute stems from Rutgers switching former UMDNJ employees to a new payroll system.

Pennsylvania Legislature Plans To Take Away Teachers’ Sick Days

Seriously. What did teachers ever do to you?

How A Betsy DeVos Department Of Education Could Lead To A Massive Transfer Of Public Funds Into The Private Sector

On Monday, January 30, 2017, hundreds of patient protectors braved the bitter New York City cold to stand firmly in defiance against the impending appoin...

Betsy DeVos is a danger to students with learning disabilities

As a student with learning disability accommodations, it devastated me to watch the newly appointed Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos stammer a response...

Nova Scotia teachers vote against third tentative agreement with province

Nova Scotia's teachers have voted against the most recent contract offer from the government.

Rutgers proposes renaming parts of campus after former slaves

The renaming comes after a groundbreaking report last year that detailed Rutgers University's ties to slavery.

Alberta school on verge of being shut down despite growing attendance

The Elk Island Public School division is looking at closing one of its schools in rural Strathcona County.

Edmonton Public School Board chair seeks provincial approval to offer Catholic programs

The chair of the Edmonton Public School Board believes Catholic faith programs should be offered in public schools and plans to seek approval from the province to do exactly that.

Betsy DeVos Needs To Fix Title IX

Mrs. DeVos has her work cut out for her.

Muslim--friend or foe?

This post was submitted by AAA Past President James Peacock. The place is Indonesia, the fourth largest nation in the world and the one with t...

A Pragmatic Approach to Funding Special Education

Education, particularly as it relates to children with disabilities, is arguably a hotter topic than ever before. Just last month, it was a subject of in...

Betsy DeVos squeaks through as Education secretary after Pence casts first-ever tie-breaking vote

Phone calls jammed congressional switchboards. Two Republican senators defected. Democrats held a last-ditch, 24-hour Senate debate in hope of shaking loose one additional vote.

U.S. Public Schools Are Not Failing. They’re Among The Best In The World

Everyone knows U.S. public schools are failing. Just like everyone knows you should never wake sleepwalkers, bulls hate red and Napoleon was short....

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