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You're fired? No, I quit: Schwarzenegger announces departure from 'The Celebrity Apprentice'

In a thinly veiled swipe at President Trump, Schwarzenegger said he could not return to the show because of it's 'baggage.'

Oscars screwup gives 'Moonlight's' best picture award to 'La La Land'

A minute or two into the 'La La Land' cast and crew's celebration, producer Jordan Horowitz asked for quiet and said the real winner was 'Moonlight.'

Oscar's Best-Picture mishap used as prank at London theater

And the winner for best Oscar joke is... a theater in London, whose staff 'mistakenly' began showing 'La La Land' instead of scheduled feature 'Moonlight.'

PwC accountants behind Oscars flub booted from show and are under protection

The accountants responsible for the show-ending mixup at the Academy Awards will never work the Oscars again, the academy told NBC News.

Paula Fox, author of 'Desperate Characters' and 'Poor George,' dies

Fox used the most finely crafted prose to write again and again about breakdown and disruption, what happens under the "surface of things."

A best director Oscar aged just 32: How did Damien Chazelle do it?

At an age when many are still struggling to find a career, Damien Chazelle has reached the pinnacle of his field by winning a best director Oscar.

And the Oscar for grace under pressure goes to ...

Jordan Horowitz, the 'La La Land' producer who had to tell the world about the best picture mix-up, won plaudits for his handling of the situation.

A look at the not-so-well-oiled Oscars machine that fell apart Sunday

Accounting firm PwC is in charge of tallying up the votes and distributing the envelopes. It quickly apologized and promised a full investigation.

'The Susan Lucci of the Academy Awards' finally breaks losing streak

The 21st time was the charm for Hollywood sound mixer extraordinaire Kevin O'Connell who finally made his first trip to the stage at the Oscars.

'I want to be an American too': Sir Patrick Stewart applying for citizenship

The legendary British actor opened up about his decision to apply for American citizenship in the wake of the election.

Winfrey 2020? Oprah hints at White House run against Trump

For years she ran daytime TV — but can the 'Queen of All Media' run for the highest elected office in America?

James Brown's 'Funky Drummer' Clyde Stubblefield dies at 73

Stubblefield performed on several of Brown's classics, but he was best known for a short solo on Brown's 1970 single, "Funky Drummer."

Eating at Facebook, where the food is free and the grease is plenty

Dining at Facebook is a lot like using the site—arrive with a vague purpose in mind, get overstimulated, leave tired and sad.

Here's what happened with the missing 'Knight Rider' cars

Since 'Knight Rider' was cancelled, the original cars from the show were lost among thousands of replicas. Where did they end up?

The Dalai Lama tells John Oliver the Chinese haven't been "using the human brain properly"

“I practice taking others' suspicions and distrust and giving them patience, tolerance and compassion," the Dalai Lama told John Oliver.

The Week in Reading: The best new books for March 7, 2017

Here's what you need to know about the 11 best books released this week.

The road goes on—The making of J.R.R. Tolkien's 'Silmarillion'

Why Tolkien’s posthumous work contains the keys to understanding his Middle-earth.

Watch: #SNL searches for a Republican to put 'country over party'

Kate McKinnon channels Forrest Gump to make light of Attorney General Jeff Sessions's very bad week in Washington.

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