Glenn Beck sorry for being a ‘catastrophist’: ‘We’re scaring the hell out of the children’

Conservative radio talk show host Glenn Beck has apologized for being a “catastrophist” in his outlook of the presidential election and the future of the country.

Mr. Becksaid during his show Wednesday that after a lot of soul-searching during this campaign season, he came to realization that he “helped add to our problems of division.”

“I didn’t mean to,” he said. “I believe what I believe. And I’ve told you I’m a catastrophist. And that’s not necessarily healthy for a country to have somebody broadcasting as a catastrophist all the time. But I believe what I believe. 

“We are facing real losses of freedom,” he continued. “And so I’ve been ringing that bell. And I’ve been telling you, ‘This is going to end in disaster. It’s going to end in disaster.’ No exits left. There’s a cliff coming. That’s what I want to apologize for. I still believe that: there’s a cliff coming. But that is such a hopeless message that I can barely survive.

“So I want to apologize for being a catastrophist,” Mr. Beck said. “I’m not apologizing for saying that these things are coming because they are. What I am sorry for is giving you the impression that there’s no way to survive. Because there is. The world has faced these times before. And every time, the people choose to be — choose to live their faith. They survive.

“So those my age and above, we have to do one thing: Stop scaring the kids. Because that’s what we’re doing. We’re scaring the hell out of the children,” he said.

“I refuse to not have faith in the future,” he said. “Things are going to be tough. But things, somewhere in the world, are always tough. Every generation faces something tough. We survive this.”

Mr. Beck, who endorsed Constitution Party presidential nominee Darrell Castle, has been an outspoken critic of Mr. Trump since the Republican nominee announced his candidacy. However, the conservative took to Facebook Wednesday night to rate Mr. Trump’s performance at the third and final presidential debate as his best yet.

“This was Donald Trump’s best performance in the debate. BUT remember the only goal is to ADD undecided voters,” Mr. Beckwrote.

“He was winning and then it began to break apart,” he continued. “His pro choice response on partial birth abortion was the weakest I have ever heard. I wasn’t sure if he even knew was it was. Such a lost opportunity.”

“She was horrible as well,” he said of Democrat Hillary Clinton. “How could anyone vote for either of them? Or at least feel good about either of them.”

“She is the worst candidate since Michael Dukakis. Except if Michael was a crook and a serial liar,” he added.


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