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BOOK REVIEW: ‘The Secret Life of Dictionaries’

Of course, as rational creatures we know that dictionaries must be made by people, yet we don’t really think of them as human productions. They seem to be just there like works of nature or age-old monuments. Not that you notice dictionaries much until you need to look up the meaning of a word.

BOOK REVIEW: ‘Casanova: The World of a Seductive Genius’

There was never another country quite like the Venetian Republic, and there was never another Venetian quite like Giacomo Casanova (1725-1798). Con artist, poet, spy, philosopher, polymath, librarian, lecher and proud owner of one of the most indestructible egos of all time, Casanova the man is largely forgotten today while his name lives on as a generic label for chronic Don Juanism.

Why Does Amazon Sell Holocaust-Denying Authors Next To Real Historians?

In a few hours of surfing Amazon’s Books category, I noticed that this American giant of online sales is infested with Holocaust deniers. These are books...

'The Devil's Mercedes' investigates a pair of notorious Nazi limos

A major question surrounded both cars – which Nazi had used them?

'The Novel of the Century' chronicles literary phenomenon 'Les Misérables'

But the heart of this book's tale is in the bookshops of Paris, where it should be.

'Civil Wars' considers internecine conflict throughout its long history

Historian David Armitage packs a great deal of learning and insight into a text of little more than 200 pages.

'South and West' pulls together jottings made by Joan Didion while traveling

Readers would do well to follow the route mapped out in 'South and West': to be inquisitive about those with whom they seem to have nothing in common, including electoral preferences.

Milo’s Wild Ride, Now Featuring Campus Tour And Book Deal

Originally published on www.californiamag.org If Donald Trump has his Boswell, it could well be Milo Yiannopoulos. The proudly gay Brit-born scribe...

First-ever Lambda LitFest in L.A. tonight

The first annual Lambda LitFest, celebrating the work of LGBTQ writers, will be hosted in Los Angeles.

Junot Diaz puts the audience center stage at REDCAT

Junot Diaz engages the audience in discussion at REDCAT.

All dressed up and nowhere to go? Sweet relief! It's L.A. Library Foundation’s Stay Home and Read a Book Ball

Shut-in-chic, non-event looks for the LA Library's annual Stay Home and Read a Book Ball.

'The Hate U Give' provides a window into conversations about race

This excellent young adult novel tackles the toughest topics without flinching.

'The True Flag' traces America's leap into empire-building in summer 1898

Avarice and arrogance, cloaked in rhetoric about humanitarian intervention, prompted an expensive foreign war that proved more intractable than any American had expected.

'Lincoln in the Bardo' imagines Lincoln losing his son as the Civil War rages

In the first novel by celebrated short story writer George Saunders, Abraham Lincoln wrestles with grief – and the fate of the nation hangs in the balance.

'Duck Season' follows a Francophile on a quest to live life deeply in rural France

Food and travel writer David McAninch moves to rural France, in search of a unique, authentic experience in a foreign land.

'A Piece of the World' looks deep within the story of an iconic painting

Christina Baker Kline, an artist herself, draws on the real history behind Andrew Wyeth's famed painting 'Christina's World' to conjure up her own haunting portrait.

'Golden Legacy' celebrates the literary triumph of the Golden Books

Millions of adults who owe these little books a debt they can never fully repay.

3 books about African American history

Three outstanding new books celebrate Black History Month with offerings in genres as disparate as literature, military history, and social justice.

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