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Scalp Cooling Caps Help Prevent Chemo-Related Hair Loss, Says Study

A new study shows that scalp cooling treatments help prevent hair loss caused by chemotherapy.

A Pregnant 17-Year-Old Is Tasered by Police — and It’s Caught on Camera

Police officers used a stun gun on Dailene Rosario, 17, despite the fact that she was 14 weeks pregnant. Expectant mom Dailene Rosario, 17, was the alleged victim of a horrific incident that happened suddenly and randomly outside her apartment in the Bronx recently. Video footage of the incident, which

Cosmetics Giant Unilever Pledges More Transparency Over Ingredients

Beauty giant Unilever announced a new initiative on Tuesday that will provide the public with a detailed ingredients breakdown — something that is unprecedented in an industry that’s held to very low standards regarding safety and transparency.

I Wear Wigs to Hide My Disorder, and Myself

Dealing with trichotillomania has cost me thousands of dollars, and I still can’t help but feel that I’m faking it.

This is the Most Photogenic Hairstyle

Lauren Conrad's longtime hair guru has answers.

Jane Levy on Joining the Women’s March: ‘Being an Actor and Being an Activist Are Very Similar Things’

Jane Levy, known for her TV roles in Suburgatory and Shameless and now starring in the action film Monster Trucks, was among the many celebs to head to the Women’s March on Washington over the weekend, adding her voice to the chorus of those demanding equal treatment from newly sworn-in President Trump

Cervical Cancer Is Deadlier Than We Thought — Especially in Black Women

Cervical cancer is a highly preventable cancer that can turn deadly if it’s left undetected for too long — and a study published in the journal “Cancer” discovered that the death rate from cervical cancer is much higher than previous estimates.

This Fit Woman's Postpartum Belly Photo Is Real AF

No, she does *NOT* have a six-pack four weeks after giving birth.

This Video About Black Hair Proves There Is No Such Thing as ‘Bad Hair’

Black hair has long been a topic of contention within society. The desire to showcase the beauty of black hair is what inspired tech and media company Blavity’s latest project, “Kitchen.”

11 At-Home Hair Color Tricks and Hacks to Nail Your DIY Dye Job

If you'd sooner shave your head than color your own hair, we're not going to convince you to DIY. But if you're an avid at-home colorist—or want to try it for the first time—we culled the best insider tricks and tips for achieving salon-worthy results.

Why I Took My 8-Year-Old Daughter to the Women’s March on Washington

My daughter was barely a month old at her first protest march, in New York City, following the 2008 election and the passage of Prop 8, California’s deeply divisive anti-gay-marriage ballot measure.

The Dot Eyeliner Trend: Here's Exactly How to Pull It Off

History lesson aside, we've been feeling the dot fantasy for years now, so of course we're pumped that beauty bloggers and celebs (like Emma Roberts and Zoe Kravitz) are bringing dot eyeliner into 2017 in a big way. The first person we think of when it comes to dot liner is professional makeup

Roe at 44: How Abortion Funds Help Women Access Abortion Care

Jan. 22, 2017, marks the 44th anniversary of the Supreme Court’s ruling in Roe v. Wade, which legalized abortion care in the United States. The Hyde Amendment, the 40-year-old budget rider that bans federal funds from going toward abortion care, a measure that keeps abortion from being the only — the

What It Was Like to Have an Abortion Before Roe v. Wade

Today, Pamela Mason is 63 years old and lives in Princeton, N.J. But in 1971, before the Supreme Court’s ruling on Roe v. Wade made abortion legal across the United States, she was a college student in Ohio facing an unintended pregnancy — and limited options. In honor of the 44th anniversary of the

Study Finds Most Women Who Medically Freeze Eggs Never Use Them

Researchers surveyed nearly 100 women who, between 1999 and 2014, had their eggs frozen as a way to delay childbearing. About 1 in 5 participants became pregnant at some point after freezing eggs. None of the women in the study had a medical reason for freezing eggs.

Scotch Tape, Hair Clay, and More Beauty Secrets of U.S. Figure Skaters

As figure skaters twizzle, camel spin, and triple lutz across your screens in the coming days, they’ll not only demonstrate awesome athletic ability and gravity-defying centers of balance but also the seemingly inhuman ability to keep their hair and makeup — which highlights theatrical elements of their

Snacks That Can Help Solve the Most Annoying Health Complaints

When I'm feeling sick, I'm much more likely to pop open a can of chicken noodle soup and pour a glass of orange juice than reach for the Tylenol Cold + Head. Maybe I just like eating, or maybe it's because I believe that food holds the power to make us feel great and fuel our every move.

The 6 ‘Rainbow Babies’ in This Beautiful Photo Have All Been Born Now

Rainbow babies are infants born after parents have suffered a loss through miscarriage, stillbirth, or sudden infant death syndrome. The very concept of a “rainbow baby” is enough to make most warm-blooded creatures well up with tears.

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